Dental SEO Marketing to Increase Patients

Are you trying to understand how your dentist office could take the next step? Online marketing for a dentist is one of the most competitive challenges in the online marketing space and here’s why:

  1. There’s a lot of dentists
  2. The payout for dental services is usually much higher then a non-professional type service

See an example of a current client’s website: Mukilteo Dentist

So, basically there’s a lot of dentists and there’s a lot of money to made. So, the question is, how do you stand out in such a competitive niche? Well, it first starts with having a better business model then the the dental office that’s just a few blocks away… you have that all under control? once you’ve figure that out you’ll need to consider the following:

  1. How is your website and content leading people to convert?
  2. Are you listed in all the high quality online directories?
  3. Have you considered a solid paid search marketing campaign?
  4. How are you nurturing your current patients for more referrals?

These are all questions you need to answer with in-depth. If you’re not sure where to start, then consider calling one of our SEO consultants to help you get started.

Ok, so what are some things you need to consider with your website?

  • Well, is it converting patients correctly? You’ll need to have a deep study on whether or not you’re optimizing the content on your website for first, converting people and second, the keyword searches they are making in your local area.
  • Next, you’ll want to make sure your website is visually appealing to your audience. You’re a dentist, an ugly website would be a huge turnoff to a potential patient who knows nothing about you or your services.
  • You need to have testimonials! You’re working on people’s teeth. This is incredibly invasive. People wants to know you’re someone that they can trust.

Next, you need to consider your placement in local directories. You don’t have to be in all the directories in the world but you do need to be in some of the more popular one’s like YELP etc… You should also try to place your site in niche relevant directories.

Consider hiring one of our Bellevue Marketing professionals.

Third, you should do paid search (please don’t do adwords express). You’ll want to invest into a paid search campaign that has been professionally built.

Finally, you’ll want to nurture your current patients and potential patients through remarketing via paid search and e-mail.

Obviously, this is a lot of work. If you’re looking for help we would love to get you started with your dentist marketing.

How Seattle SEO Should Look for Your Company

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most misunderstood terms in the internet marketing industry. Before you finalize a decision on which Seattle SEO company you’re going to work with you need to understand that SEO is only a portion of the overall picture of optimizing your online presence.

Infatuated With FREE Traffic

Yes, getting good organic rankings for your website will increase the amount of free traffic going to your website but it’s not about how much traffic you have… it’s the amount of targeted traffic you have. This begins with a strong understanding of how much click inventory you’re working with by doing extensive keyword research. Keyword research is the foundation of every well through out internet marketing campaign. Without it you are just building another sign in the dessert. Your conversions will be lower then average industry levels and your website will have no logical direction to direct and impact searchers to conversion. If you’re looking for a solid Seattle web designer then there’s a link to a friends website that can help you get started.

Stop Shotgunning Your Online Presence: Get Targeted Results

You don’t need website traffic, you need to build your trust and authority with a specific target market that loves and raves about your products and services. Building trust and authority with your target market will naturally cause your trust and authority to build with Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that you achieve higher rankings.

Over 80% of Your Targeted Traffic are Searching for you Long Tail

The majority of high quality searchers will search for your products or services on the long tail. Long tail searches historically convert at a higher level then short tail searches. This is because the search intent of a customer tends to be higher on a long tail search. For instance, lets say your trying to sell red basketballs. The keyterm “red basketballs” is a short tail keyword (shorter would be basketballs). However, if your target market were to search, “red basketballs for sale” that would be a long tail keyword search and would result in more conversions and sales.

The Process of Search Engine Optimization On and Off Site

The process of SEO for your web page begins with keyword research and ends with analytics research and reporting. Here’s a breakdown of everything in-between:

  • Keyword research – Discovering those terms that convert best for your product or service
  • Content Development – Developing high quality content that is shareable and causes your customers to trust in your products and service.
  • On-site and Off-site implementation – implementing content in strategic places on and off your website that will engage and drive traffic to your conversion points.
  • Analytics and Reporting – tracking and discovering new successes and improving on past results through new creative strategic planning every month.

Wrapping up every strategy with analytics and reporting helps us stay accountable to our marketing efforts, ensuring that we are increasing your profits for every dollar you’re spending on web presence optimization.